ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Efforts/ISO Certification/ISO9001/ISO14001

Quality efforts

Our “Quality Policy” is established to provide high-quality products and services to customers in accordance with our management philosophy and in turn contribute to the society.
(We acquired ISO9001 certification. Registration number:Q1465)

Quality policy

Kaido MFG. Co., Ltd. will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, continuously improve its development capabilities, technical capabilities, quality of products, productivity and effectiveness of QMS and provide “Products”
and services that are able to gain customer trust and satisfaction.

Environmental efforts

We have established “Environmental Policy” in order to tackle with environmental conservation issues. We regard environmental conservation activities as important efforts as they will surely lead all of us, i.e. customers, partners and Kaido, to prosperity. Your understanding and cooperation in these our activities would be much appreciated.
(We acquired ISO14001 certification. Registration number:E398)

Environmental policy

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and agreements related to environmental issues and other requirements accepted by us, establish our own standards as necessary and commit ourselves to continuous efforts for achieving a higher target.
  2. We aim to raise our awareness of conserving the environment throughout the company in order to promote the global environmental conservation activities.
  3. We will evaluate impacts on the environment throughout our business activity by positively addressing the following issues.
    1. Energy conservation
    2. Resource conservation
    3. Recycling promotion
    4. Waste reduction
    5. Chemical substances management
    6. Green procurement promotion
  4. We aim to build, maintain and improve the system where we will review on a regular basis its voluntary standards that have been established in order to achieve our Environmental Policy objectives.
  5. We aim to develop, design, manufacture and distribute products with less impact on the environment while taking account of their life cycle.
  6. We aim to prevent any environmental risk such as contamination accident and any other emergency having an impact on the environment, while building and maintaining a management system so as to minimize the impact if it occurs.
  7. We are willing to disclose non-confidential information regarding our Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy upon request.

Green procurement

Kaido MFG. Co., Ltd. (Kaido) will verify the necessity of products and services before purchasing them and then accept only those with minimum environmental impact, in consideration not only quality and price but also environmental issues.
When Kaido purchases products and services, it will prioritize partners who have been making efforts to reduce environmental load.

Basic Green Procurement Policy

  1. Kaido will verify the necessity of its purchase and consider repairing or remodeling existing items as well as sharing equipment or using rental service instead of buying new ones. When it purchases new equipment, the number should be limited as much as possible.
  2. Kaido will choose a product in consideration of the entire life cycle of the product: collection of resource, production, distribution, use, recycling and waste.
  3. Materials like harmful chemical substances, heavy metals and ozone depleting substances can adversely affect ecosystems including human beings once they are released in the environment such as air, water and soil. Kaido will choose the products containing less harmful materials and more alternative materials.
  4. Kaido will choose the products that are manufactured and transported or used by consuming a smaller amount of resources and energies.
  5. Kaido will choose the products that are so designed that they can be reused and have an established recycling system for collecting them after use.
  6. Kaido will choose the products that are made of recyclable materials and so designed that each of materials can be easily separated, decomposed or sorted, and have an established recycling system for collecting them after use.
  7. Kaido will choose the products made from or of recycled materials or parts.
  8. Kaido will choose the products that are designed in consideration of decomposability of combustible or incombustible materials, ease of removal of harmful substances, and load on incineration facilities or landfill sites.