Basic Principle

Basic Principle

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Basic Compliance Policy

  1. The delivery of a safe and high quality product and service
    • We aim to provide the highest quality of product and service, while paying due consideration to safety.
    • Driven by the specific needs of our customers and of the market, we aim to continue to develop new technologies and products that are wholly original.
    • While actively promoting quality management systems, we aim to maintain the quality upon which the trust of our customers has been built.
  2. The preservation of free and fair trade
    • We aim to promote free and fair trade.
    • We aim to conduct our activities in a fair manner in compliance with the laws and regulations of the respective nations with which we trade.
    • We aim to conduct business operations in good faith, without engaging in personally profiteering with customers or partners by the use of our position.
  3. Management of import/export
    • We will conduct our import and export operations within the boundaries of the laws and regulations of Japan and of those nations with which we conduct trade.

Basic Materials Procurement Policy

  1. Stance on procurement
    • The practice of fair trade
      • We aim to promote fair prices between ourselves and our partners by comprehensively evaluating the state of the market, price fluctuations, and product specifications and quality.
    • Efforts to promote mutual growth
      • We value the communication and we will maintain relationships of trust with our partner organizations. It is our aim to encourage mutual growth, at the same time building mutual understanding and trust.
  2. A message to our partners
      While exercising our responsibilities toward society, we aim to continuously contribute to the growth of society through the work we carry out for our customers. In this respect, we believe the cooperation of our partners to be of the utmost importance.
      We would therefore like to ask for the full cooperation of all of our partner organizations, as detailed in the below points.
    • The continuous improvement and guarantee of quality, endurance and safety
      • To guarantee the quality of products
        To offer assurance and guarantee long-term reliability
        To guarantee safety
    • To honor contract periods
    • To practice and continue to uphold the security of information
      • To defend threats to computer networks
        To protect and prevent the theft of personal information
        To protect and prevent the theft of confidential information
    • To comply with all laws and regulations
    • Upholding social responsibilities toward conservation of the environment
      • To responsibly manage and disclose the details of chemical substances contained within products
        To responsibly manage and disclose the details of chemical substances used throughout production processes
        To use effectively resources and energy