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Products Info.

Winding Technology

Winding technologies are suitable for producing items “precisely,” uniformly, “quickly,” ”efficiently,” and “in a large amount” and used for turning thin and long materials into small pieces in various industries.

In particular, the simple winding structures that reduce the number of winding parts (materials) have been employed in electronic parts such as Capacitors and Batteries.

What is required for winding structural electronic parts is a capability to precisely and continuously “process” “several” “sheet materials” “in layers. ” We have been pursuing to meet this requirement through the development of our technologies.

Since our foundation, we have been meeting requests of electronics parts manufacturers and laboratories in Japan and abroad, building experience and achievements for 50 years, by the use of which we now continue to develop research and mass production equipment to support our customers.

Kaido’s Winders

As a manufacturer specialized in winders, we are accepting orders from various electronic parts industries. Our winders are used for many applications of use such as evaluation of materials, research and development, and automatic lines of mass production.

Flagship product

Li-ion Secondary Battery Winder (LIB/Li-ion battery)
An automatic material changeover system, a palletizing system or
other many functions are available for each model.
Standard size cell For cylindrical
For prismatic
Large size cell For cylindrical
For prismatic
Medium size cell For cylindrical
For prismatic
Mini size cell For cylindrical
For prismatic
Li-ion Primary Battery Winder (Li battery)
Double-layer Capacitor Winder (DLC/Double layer capacitor)
Li-ion Capacitor Winder (LIC/Li-ion capacitor)
Electrolytic Capacitor Winder (Electrolytic capacitor)
MF Capacitor Winder (Metallized film capacitor)

Winder Lineup

Automatic Winder for Li-ion Battery (DLC/LIC)

Standard size cell


High capacity cell

Long life cell

Mini size cell


Automatic Winder for Electrolytic Capacitor

Medium size cell

Large size cell

Small size cell


Automatic Winder for MF Capacitor

Small size cell / Medium size cell

Large size cell